Why should the workplace be interested in footing the bill for staff wellbeing? (Series 1)

I believe mental wellbeing issues are essentially performance blocks. To get the best out of our people these need to be overcome. Exactly in the same way we upgrade technological systems or implement new working processes we need to invest in our people to develop these specific areas.

Mental wellbeing issues are triggered and exacerbated in times of stress and transition. The demands of an ‘always on’ culture and continuing demands of businesses today makes switching off and winding down increasingly difficult. In some instances our workplaces may be therefore, in part, responsible for their occurrence.

Countering those arguing that wellbeing initiatives only target ‘weak’ people in the workforce, Dr Tim Cantopher explores how work related stress issues are in fact a “curse of the strong”.  Those impacted are so because of their loyalty, dedication and ability to tolerate higher levels of pressure which ‘normal’ people would walk away from much sooner. These are employee-profiles we should look to retain and invest in, as evidenced by some of the most renowned thinkers and leaders in history who have all been affected: Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill and Oliver Cromwell.


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