Employee Engagement

The 21st Century workplace is both exciting and challenging. As businesses we need our employees to meet increasingly demanding targets. This requires us all to work harder and longer (Londoners spend about three more weeks at work each year versus the rest of the UK*) whilst producing more innovative and impactful outcomes.

Unchecked, this can negatively affect our people. A recent survey** saw 38% of employees state they are under excessive pressure at work at least once a week. Almost one third of employees (31%) say they come home from work exhausted either often (22%) or always (9%).  Mental health issues such as stress, depression and anxiety resulted in 15.8m* working days lost last year. A disengaged workforce results in lower productivity, higher staff turnover (with the knock-on recruitment costs) and worsening company reputation.

People make the difference in any organisation. To counteract these issues, businesses need to find new ways of engaging talent. One proven influence is to offer genuinely valuable employee benefits, for example development programmes or workplace wellbeing initiatives, but these do not always tackle the root cause of disengagement.

Here at the Co-Thinking company we offer a unique solution which tackles this head on for both employee and employer. Our bespoke 1-2-1 talent development sessions are focused on those whose performance has been impacted by wellbeing issues; enabling participants to move forward both professionally and personally. Employers see benefit from both improved performance and increased people engagement.

*ONS 2017  ** CIPD Employee Outlook Spring 2017 (YouGov)