Our Impact

As a result of the sessions employees have reported increases in motivation and feel more fulfilled in their roles (often candidates go on to expand their responsibilities and remit). In the longer term this is likely to engender greater loyalty and faster career progression; positively impacting recruitment costs. The sessions also prove to be a welcome support for managers – especially around their people development objectives.

Results from a cohort of employees working with us from Sky’s customer service group demonstrates our impact.

Managers observed employees as:

  • 16% more confident
  • 13% increase in work motivation
  • 14% improvement in team relationships

“These one-to-one coaching sessions have made a great difference in my Operations area and the employees who had the opportunity to be part of this initiative have gained both personally and professionally. The impact on the morale of the team has been tangible and pushed individuals to become more effective and competitive in their day to day routine.”

Simonetta Di Benedetto, Head of Operations Sky

Employees reported being:

  • 35% more confident in their skills and abilities
  • 18% more positive about their work
  • 17% more valued and supported

“Judith not only helped me to achieve the goal we set at the beginning but made me feel better about myself – a stronger, more confident person. I learnt a lot about myself along the way and I know now that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought before.”