Bespoke One to One Sessions Facilitating Talent Development

People make the difference in any organisation. We perform at our strongest when we feel valued, motivated and in control. However, given the demands of the 21st century workplace, even the very best of us may experience ‘blocks’ which can make us lose momentum.

Here at the Co-Thinking Company we work with these individuals, helping them jump over those hurdles and move forward, through a bespoke programme of one to one sessions. Our goal is to get your talent back up to top form, realising their potential and fully engaged with your business.

Enhancing performance through wellbeing – for the people you count on most.

“The sessions have been incredibly empowering. When I started I thought my growth and development depended heavily on others rather than myself. I have finished these sessions feeling the exact opposite way. Awesome and really good tools not just for work but for life”


“At Sky Judith coached people at all levels from Director to members of our front line teams. The common theme and what was so impressive, was the noticeable difference we saw in the individuals Judith was working with and how quickly these changes happened.

Judith always manages to bring the best out in people and get them to take responsibility for their own destiny. She has a great coaching style – friendly and approachable but never failing to get ‘under the skin’ of the individual and help them build a vision and a plan to move forward.”

Richard Cartland, Director, Sky

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