Our Approach

There are a multitude of training and development options available today. However, these often have mixed results, even within the same cohort of workers. Why?

Well here at Co-Think, we believe that development can only be truly effective if your employees are in ‘move forward mindset’. Working life today isn’t a flat sprint, it’s a hurdles race. To move forward these hurdles need to be overcome.  Hurdles come in all shapes and sizes – confidence, stress, problems at home, poor working relations etc – but all slow people down from reaching optimal performance.

Our approach is to take on the blockers head on, alongside the development task, to ensure maximum effect. To do this we utilise the Personal Consultancy model: a combination of counselling (to jump those hurdles) and coaching (enabling growth) techniques.

cothink approach

Our programme is normally made up of six one to one individualised sessions. Candidates will identify a goal to work towards and the subsequent meetings focus on key the steps towards achieving this.

Below are some examples of the hurdles or types of issues we have worked with overcoming:

  • Transitions: Promotion; re-organisation; change in responsibilities; return to work following a break (maternity and paternity coaching); redundancy
  • Developmental Needs: Leadership skills; work relationship issues; taking ownership; effective communication; progression coaching; presence and impact; innovation; self-awareness building
  • Impacted Wellbeing: Anxiety; loss; stress; feeling stuck; low confidence

Sessions normally take place in your offices and can be scheduled at flexible times to fit within the demands of the working day.